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Pleasure for all senses... 

!!SOLD OUT!! !!ADDITIONAL DATE ON 21.01.2022!! Moments of pleasure that become shared memories. Give at Christmas, time together with our Whisky dinner We invite you repeatedly to our exclusive Whisky-Dinner on January 22, 2022 in our SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery. Let our Whiskyexpert and enthusiast Kilian Jonscher will guide you through the evening and find out […]

New sales orientation in the SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery

(from left to right: Nick Binderer, Rüdiger Biehl, Thomas Dahlem and Hans Kemenater) PRESS RELEASE SLYRS WHISKY DISTILLERIE Schliersee, October 2021 - 22 years after the birth of the Bavarian Whiskys in the Lantenhammer distillery SLYRS new ways. After the first distillation in 1999, things happened in quick succession: in 2002, the first 1600 bottles were sold within three […]

Unique moments of pleasure for all senses - with all senses.

We invite you to our first exclusive Whisky-Dinner on November 12, 2021 in our SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery. Let our Whisky-Expert and lover Kilian Jonscher will guide you through the evening and find out everything about our SLYRS Whisky. Starting with the production, through our region, to the variety of tastes of each individual Whiskys [...]

church fair

Get your costume out again and celebrate the church fair with us! On 17.10/XNUMX In addition to our wonderful breakfast, there is a traditional Kirchweih duck with red cabbage and dumplings at noon SLYRS-orange-Whiskyjust We have also taken good care of our vegetarians. We would be happy to pre-order! Since we are already such a well-established team, […]

SLYRS Oktoberfest Edition 2021 release

Just in time for the actual Wiesn tapping on Saturday, September 18.09.2021th, 12.00 at XNUMX p.m., we have freshly tapped draft beer, juicy ox on a skewer and live music until the evening. Our vegetarian guests are also well catered for. Enjoy our fabulous Wendelstein panorama with a Wiesn feeling. We get proper musical support from “Tomay and his Spezlwirtschaft”. We also present you our […]

SLYRS gourmet evening

Connoisseur evening 20.08.21/XNUMX/XNUMX We invite you to our second Balmoral cigar connoisseur evening SLYRS Whisky-Tasting and dinner on August 20, 2021 at 18:30 in our SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery. Learn an exclusive selection of exquisite in a relaxed atmosphere SLYRS Whiskys and Balmoral cigars. Starters: – Balmoral Añejo XO Connecticut Rothschild Masivo – SLYRS [...]