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SLYRS Experience & enjoy
with all your senses

Discover the liquid gold of SLYRSee directly on site in the SLYRS adventure world. Look over our shoulders as we work on the shiny copper stills. Marvel at our valuable, well-travelled wooden barrels in the barrel hall. Smell the unmistakable "Angels' Share". And learn all about our distillery on a self-guided distillery tour or guided tour SLYRS Bavarian single malt Whisky, its production and the unique taste. You want to get involved in creating your own SLYRS Whiskys try? The distillery and ours Shop are open 365 days a year, we look forward to seeing you!

Would you like a little refreshment? Our SLYRS coffee & Lunchery spoils you with fresh, regional delicacies SLYRS character and is also ideally suited as an event location.

The beautiful nature, the mountains, the Schliersee, the SLYRS Whisky and our adventure world make a visit to Neuhaus a very special pleasure in every respect.

General guidance

always on Monday at 14: 00 clock
and just with advance notice possible!
Price: €16,90 per person

Distillery tour
own fist

Explore our distillery on your own.

Included: Film, tour, tasting
Duration: 30-40 minutes
Inlet: daily 10.00 a.m. – 17.00 p.m
Groups: from 10 people please register
Price: 9,90 € per person

options: Distillery tour plus, incl. film, tour and Bavarian snack. Only possible with prior registration.
Price: 23,80 € per person

Tip: Climb the summit of pleasure and visit our SLYRS Caffee & Lunchery

For reservation

Personal tour with guide

Your exclusive guided tour with a personal guide.

Included: Film, personal guide, tasting
Duration: about 1,5 hours
Inlet: daily 10.00 a.m. – 15.30 p.m. by appointment
Price: €90 per guide + €9,90 per person

options: Tour Plus with a personal guide, incl. film, tour and Bavarian snack. Only possible with prior registration.
Price: €90 per guide + €23,80 per person

Individually: Guided tours outside the opening hours only by appointment, e.g. B. in connection with events in our coffee & lunchery, incentives, etc.

For reservation

experience craftsmanship

To the production of ours WhiskyOf course we can only leave our distillers alone. But what do you think of owning one Whisky to produce liquor?

Let our distillers introduce you to the art of our fine liqueur production and lend a hand to create your individual Whisky to create liquor...

SLYRS Distillery Masterclass Tasting


(only bookable from 5 people)

Whisky-Create your own liqueur
exclusively for your group, with a distiller
1 hour / by individual appointment

Price 300 € once, plus 10 € per person material costs.
Bookable Monday to Friday

For reservation
SLYRS Whisky Workshop in Bavaria at the Schliersee
anfahrt zur SLYRS Distillery (Schliersee, Bavaria)

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anfahrt zur SLYRS Distillery (Schliersee, Bavaria)

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General guidance – only Mondays 14:00 p.m possible!


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